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Services and Prices

Any suggested treatment will be based on clinical examination and X-Ray images, and agreed with you. Before treatment commencement, you will receive a personalized written treatment plan which will include the price.

Please ensure that you have a full list of medication that you receive, along with full name and address on the day of your first visit!

Examinations Price List



Emergency Examination & Prescription:


Initial Tooth Treatment (painkiller application):




Examination of Existing Patient:


New patient examination including cancer screening, extensive examination of teeth, gums and jaw joints; Written treatment plan; Instructions for Oral Hygiene:


Teeth Cleaning

Scale and Polish of the teeth with Ultrasound:

From £50

Tooth Extraction

Front Tooth


Back Tooth


Wisdom tooth


Surgical Extraction

From £120

Root Canal Treatment

Front Tooth


Back Tooth



Composite, White:

From £90


From £50

Dentures / Crowns / Bridges

Dentures / Crowns / Bridges:

From £400

Re-cementing of existing loose crown:


Periodontal Treatment

Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment

£150 per visit